St. Peter’s GAA Dunboyne

Our Vision
At St Peters GAA Club, as a volunteer led organisation we work to contribute to and help enrich our local community.  Our vision is to ensure that everybody in our community has the opportunity to be welcomed to take part and participate fully in our games and culture, fostering a sense of identity and place in the process.
Preparing for the Future
In order to continue to deliver on this vision it is critical that our facilities can cater for increasing demand as we provide a progressive environment to encourage and develop young players to play and stay in sport.
To achieve this, we are embarking on an important and exciting development as we invest in the provision of new playing facilities. We are asking for your support  in delivering this development.

Create the Future – The Plan
Our development plan, phased in two parts, represents an essential investment in our future.  Once delivered, this development will provide best in class facilities for year round activity to support those playing our games.
In addition, this development will directly benefit our local schools through licence agreements for use of these facilities, in line with the Clubs ongoing commitment to and partnership with them.
Without that €650,000 funding, we cannot call down capital grant aid.
Your Club. Your Community. Preparing for the Future.